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Ilusity is an external application

it will not modify any game's memory, this reduces chances of ban


The paid version of Ilusity is consistently updated, and will be updated almost immediately if emergency such as ban-wave

Free or Paid

There are two versions of Ilusity, the Free version is usually a bit more outdated but remains safe in most games, to get the paid version simply go to the Store

Auto Recoil [ BETA ]

One of the most famous feature of Ilusity is Auto-Recoil, the app is able to automatically recognize recoil and compensates for it


Ilusity can't promise safety in all games, however, Ilusity has a fairly clean record, with less than 50 bans recorded over nearly 3 years


Users can indirectly improve Ilusity by providing feedback on my Discord server, I will implement useful feedback!

Ilusity FREE
Ilusity PAID

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